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At Coachella Valley Turf, we understand that your pets are a part of the family. That's why we offer pet turf installation services in Palm Springs, CA.

Our pet turf products are eco-friendly and easy to maintain, so you can create a safe and comfortable environment for your pets to enjoy. They're durable and long-lasting, so you can rest assured that your furry friends will enjoy their new space for years to come.

If you're ready to create a space for your pets that's stylish and functional, contact Coachella Valley Turf today. We'll provide you with a free estimate for our pet turf installation!  (760) 531-4322


We only install premium quality, US-made synthetic turf products.
We offer a full 15-year warranty on all our installation services.
We have workers comp and liability insurance for your security.
We're licensed in CA for residential and commercial landscaping.

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Dogs

Durable for Pets Big and Small

Our artificial turf is specifically designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and other elements and provide a comfortable, green space for your furry friends to enjoy.

100% Safe for Dogs & Cats

Pet turf is made of non-toxic materials, so it's 100% safe for your furry friends. It also doesn't have any loose grass blades that can get stuck in their paws.

Drains Easily

Our synthetic turf systems feature a specialized drainage layer that allows water to quickly drain away, keeping your pets dry and comfortable.

Cleans Easily

No more pet urine. No more pet waste. No more muddy paws tracking through your home. Simply hose off your turf to have a clean, green lawn all year long.

Antibacterial & Anti-Odor Infill

Unlike real grass, our fake grass has an infill that's coated with antimicrobials to resist bacteria, mold, and mildew growth and help eliminate pet odors.

Let your friendly companions experience the benefits of installing artificial grass! Give us a call today so we can get started on the installation process right away!

this freshly installed artificial turf for pets in Palm Springs will surely be a treat for the most active dogs

Can Dogs Go Potty on Artificial Grass?

If you've ever wondered whether or not dogs can go potty on artificial grasses, the answer is a resounding YES! In fact, many of our customers choose to install pet turf in their yard specifically for this purpose. Not only does it make clean-up a breeze, but it also keeps your dog's potty area looking neat and tidy at all times.

If you're thinking about installing pet turf in your Palm Springs, CA home, hire Coachella Valley Turf's artificial lawn installers to help you! We specialize in the installation of pet turf, and we've done countless installations for customers in Palm Springs CA.

We're happy to work with you to create the perfect potty area for your pet, and we'll make sure to install the best artificial grass so that your dog can enjoy it for many years. Give us a call today at (760) 531-4322 to schedule a consultation!

Is Turf for Pets Easy to Clean?

One of the main concerns pet parents have when choosing artificial grass over natural grass lawn is whether or not it'll be easy to clean. The good news is that our synthetic lawns are easy to clean and maintain!

If your pet has an accident on the turf, all you need to do is remove any solid waste and then spray the area with a garden hose or pressure washer. For more stubborn stains, you may need to use a mild soap or cleaning solution.

Another thing to keep in mind is that synthetic lawn doesn't absorb odor like real grass does, so you won't have to worry about your yard smelling like your pet.

Overall, pet turf is a great option for those who want a low-maintenance yard that is still safe and comfortable for their furry friends.

If you're considering pet-friendly artificial grass for your Palm Springs, CA home, be sure to contact Coachella Valley Turf! We offer a variety of turf options that are perfect for pets. Give us a call today to learn more!

a house toy for pets on this newly installed turf in Palm Springs CA

Is Artificial Turf Safe for Pets?

As dog owners, you might be wondering if synthetic grass is safe for your furry friend. The answer is yes! Artificial turf is actually a great option for pet owners. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Artificial turf is easy to clean and maintain. You won't have to worry about your pet tracking mud and dirt into the house.
  • It's also durable, so it can withstand wear and tear from even the most active pets.
  • Most importantly, artificial turf is safe for pets. There are no toxic chemicals or materials used in its construction.

If you're looking for a low-maintenance, pet-friendly option for your outdoor space, artificial grass is the way to go! Get in touch with Coachella Valley Turf today to learn more about our pet turf installation services.

Pet Grass Installation Palm Springs

If you're looking for a professional to install pet turf in your Palm Springs home, look no further than Coachella Valley Turf! We're licensed and insured turf experts, and we pride ourselves on doing quality work. Call us today to get started!

Contact us today at (760) 531-4322 to schedule a free consultation! We'll come to your home and assess your needs, then provide you with a written estimate for the project. We're confident that you won't find a better price or quality of service elsewhere.

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